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Tai Chi Chung

Chinese Style

Tai Chi combines both offensive and defensive applications. Tai Chi is sometimes described as moving meditation. The art contains movements, which are so varied that they put into play every part of the body with harmonious design and graceful patterns.

Each form flows with the grace of some aspect of nature, such as the swaying motion of willow branches being coerced by a gentle breeze or clouds slowly changing in shape or form. The movements are performed slowly without using force. The speed of the breathing matches the speed of the movement. Tai Chi Chung develops inner strength, mental calmness, physical well-being, and overall health.

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Start Improving Yourself with
Tai Chi Today!

We have Tai Chi Classes twice a week where you can learn to develop physically, mentally and internally.  Classes are Tuesday and Thursday at 5 PM.  You can sign-up for a single class ($25) or a month of classes ($89).

To get started just sign up for a class by calling or texting us at 619-635-3158.  Or click on the button below and fill out the contact form and an instructor will contact you.

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