Kids & Junior Martial Arts Training Membership

Introductory Special - $89 for the first month - includes uniform and first month's training.

Kids classes are Tuesday and Wed at 3PM

Junior Classes are Tuesday and Wed at 4PM

Oom Yung Doe training helps your child develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and control, in a fun and safe environment with trained instructors. Through consistent practice, your child can develop greater focus and determination.

Oom Yung Doe practice teaches self-respect and helps build a child’s confidence so he or she can be successful in school, sports, or any activity. Students will learn forms and techniques as well as life principles to help them throughout their lives.


Interviews with Parents and Students

In the video on the right, hear from students and parents on how training has positively impacted their life. Some of the benefits include improved patience, greater determination, clearer focus, strong self-defense, and better grades.


Kong Su and Udo practice

In this video, juniors practice jump kicks and judo/udo training


Kids Monthly Membership

A monthly membership entitles you to attend as many kids classes as you want each week. You can attend lessons for any and all of the 8 Martial Arts taught in Oom Yung Doe. There is no contract. For convenience, your membership will automatically renew each month and you can cancel anytime.

As an added bonus, your first month will include 3 semi-private introductory lessons, introduction to Oom Yung Doe booklet, and a uniform ($150 value).


3 Semi-Private Lessons

A Certified Instructor will contact you to schedule three semi-private (group of 1-5) introductory lessons in advance of your membership group lesson training. During your semi-private lessons, you’ll learn form and movement to help you quickly achieve your goals.

Silk Screen Uniform

You will receive a uniform and belt when you begin your training. As you advance, growing mentally and physically, your belt will be progressively dyed black, section-by-section, ultimately culminating in a “black belt.”

Introduction to Oom Yung Doe Booklet

Gain a better understanding of 8 Martial Arts Styles taught in school. Learn the meaning behind various traditions and principles taught in Traditional Martial Arts. Discover the path to Black Belt and what you can accomplish through training.