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No matter your age or condition, you can improve yourself, physically and mentally.  And one of the best ways to do this is through Traditional Martial Arts.

And to start on the journey of self improvement, you can sign up for a free introductory lesson

During the introductory lesson a certified instructor will answer your questions and take you through movements tailored to your interests and current abilities.  This way you can gain a better understanding of how our system works and how it can benefit you.  

Enter your contact information below and an instructor will contact you to set up an appointment to get you started.

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Schedule a time for a Free Lesson Now

If you prefer you can schedule a free lesson right now.  Just use the link below.

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What Students Say


Before this school I was more so a homebody and not much of a person who likes to move. I was not in a healthy place in my life mentally and physically. Then after one of my best friends recommend this school to me I started.

After a year of coming here and 4-5 days of practice I’ve become more balanced mentally. Physically I’m more flexible and healthy than any point before in my life. I have happily lost 40lbs and learned a stronger discipline. Here I’ve been able to learn to accept myself and others more spiritually. I am more confident and content with who I am as a person.

Mikeal Mitchell


I can’t say enough about Jeff and hunter. I have had multiple medical challenges in my life including fighting one now. My leg movement, back movement and neck movement are much much better than before. I have dropped 15lb since I started here.

My health is better since I started. The way they teach you to use both side of your body is good for you. I’m over 50+ and fill great. I do go 3 to 4 nights a week but it helps. No BS here. I was dead a year ago from my Heart. Doctors are telling me to keep doing whatever I’m doing because it’s working. I will continue coming here as long as they allow me to or I still have breath in my body.

John Conely

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Before I started training at Oom Yung Doe I had been practicing in a different style of martial arts.  I knew since the day I saw the school, that I would make the decision to join. After trying Kwu Yung Bope, a Kung Fu form, for the very first time and feeling challenged, I knew that I had opened the door for something that I had been searching for.

Traditional martial arts movement has challenged me time and time again, but I have found that I am stronger, faster, more accurate, and overall healthier than I have ever been.

Jeff Alas


When I started attending classes at the Oom Yung Doe school I was a bit skeptical, I was never an athlete and every time I tried to do an exercise routine I left it because I always felt tired and without energy.

Training is challenging, but after attending Oom Yung doe I have a lot more energy, and I'm learning to manage my stress and my mood is amazing. My muscle aches were reduced by almost 90%. I am infinitely grateful to my instructors who do not let me give up and are always on the lookout for my progress. I feel as alive as in my best times. thanks Oom Yung doe!

Mercedes White

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One Month of training will make all the difference

Make a significant difference in your physical condition in 1 month.  ---- Change your health, change your reality for the better.  

Just one month of training will noticeably change your physical and mental condition.  Start today with our First month Special.  No contracts, just results.

- Uniform (gidobok) - 2 Semi-Private Lessons - Training Equipment - 1 Month of Lessons - N
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Every person that has trained for a month has seen significant personal physical and mental improvements.  Of course you do need to show up 2-5 times a week for that month.

And if you keep at it on a regular basis you will continue to see physical and mental improvements.  Monthly membership fees that covers all the classes available (for the appropriate age range) is $150.

To get started fill in your contact information below and we will contact you and set up a date and time for you to get started.

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