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Challenge Yourself and Change Your Condition

If you've been looking for something that can really make a difference in your life.  That can improve you both physically and mentally and take you to the next level, traditional martial arts has all the tools that can truly challenge and change you.

With training methods that can be traced back over 1500 years to China, Korea and Japan, you can develop quickly and in a balanced manner.  With more than 100 forms and movements that come from 8 different martial arts that can address and develop every area of your body and mind.  Movements and forms that were developed over generations by masters and practitioners are now available in San Diego.

To see how these movements are different try a beginner's Martial Arts class.  The first class is free, with no additional commitment.  

Physically develop strength, flexibility, timing, speed and power.  Improve focus, discipline, determination and patience.  No previous experience needed. (check student testimonials below)

If you don't start making a change today, then when?  Get started today.

Beginning classes are on Monday-Saturday.  Classes are at many times during the block, please click button below to check what times are available.

Martial Arts Classes are at our school in Pacific Beach, San Diego, 2269 Garnet, just 1 mile from I5. 

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What Students Say


Before this school I was more so a homebody and not much of a person who likes to move. I was not in a healthy place in my life mentally and physically. Then after one of my best friends recommend this school to me I started.

After a year of coming here and 4-5 days of practice I’ve become more balanced mentally. Physically I’m more flexible and healthy than any point before in my life. I have happily lost 40lbs and learned a stronger discipline. Here I’ve been able to learn to accept myself and others more spiritually. I am more confident and content with who I am as a person.

Mikeal Mitchell


I can’t say enough about Jeff and hunter. I have had multiple medical challenges in my life including fighting one now. My leg movement, back movement and neck movement are much much better than before. I have dropped 15lb since I started here.

My health is better since I started. The way they teach you to use both side of your body is good for you. I’m over 50+ and fill great. I do go 3 to 4 nights a week but it helps. No BS here. I was dead a year ago from my Heart. Doctors are telling me to keep doing whatever I’m doing because it’s working. I will continue coming here as long as they allow me to or I still have breath in my body.

John Conely


When I started attending classes at the Oom Yung Doe school I was a bit skeptical, I was never an athlete and every time I tried to do an exercise routine I left it because I always felt tired and without energy.

Training is challenging, but after attending Oom Yung doe I have a lot more energy, and I'm learning to manage my stress and my mood is amazing. My muscle aches were reduced by almost 90%. I am infinitely grateful to my instructors who do not let me give up and are always on the lookout for my progress. I feel as alive as in my best times. thanks Oom Yung doe!

Mercedes White


In September 2020 I happened upon the studio by accident. I was greeted by a Regional Head Instructor who was training on the mat. He offered me a free 1 hour lesson and I accepted. It was among the most positively consequential decisions of my life. Here are 8 ways my life has changed since that day.

  1. Stronger and more supple ligaments and joints.

  2. Clearer Personal Inner Dialogue

  3. My Eyesight Improved

  4. Identifying Energy and Intentions in Others

  5. Return of my 20-something Athleticism

  6. Improved my Surfing

  7. Midday Movements - A better Power Up than Coffee

  8. Improved ability to defend myself.

Marcus Debose

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Additional Student Testimonials

Free Class Signup: Testimonial

Barbara Chandler - Business Owner -  Age 48

"The training I have received has been remarkably efficacious. The learning environment is positive, challenging and highly supportive… I have increased energy, reduced stress, a clearer focus and a healthier perspective."

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