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Korean Style/Japanese Style

In Hap Ki Do, movements are hard and soft. Target areas are the joints, pressure points, and nerves. Close proximity to the opponent is most beneficial. Hands and feet are equally used in offensive and defensive movements. Strikes are in all directions, and are mostly angles rather than circles.

Similarly, in Ai Ki Do, movements are hard and soft, and the target areas are the joints, pressure points, and nerves. However, hands are usually used more than feet. Offensive and defensive movements are applied in all different directions, angles and curves, and a very strong handgrip is used.

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Start improving yourself today through Aikido and Hapkido

Hapkido and Aikido are taught in adult classes from Monday-Friday at 6:30-8PM.  Drop in classes are $25/class and a month of classes are $150.  (We typically have a 1st month special which costs less to get started - so please ask!)

To get started call or text us at 619-635-3158 that you want to get started.  Or click the "Contact Us' button below and fill out the form and we will contact you asap!

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